The Joy and Love of Horses


Roy Rogers’ Beautiful Palomino, Trigger

Ever since I can remember I have loved horses. I grew up in the era of cowboy shows and westerns. My Saturdays were filled with Trigger and Roy Rogers, Silver and the Lone Ranger; Fury and Joey; and the multitude of horses on all the other TV shows of that period.

These horses were smarter than dogs, or so I thought. They always understood what they were asked to do; who they were supposed to go find, and could even undo knots in their reins with their teeth!

Later I found out that pigs are really smarter than horses!! Boy what a let down!! Fortunately I didn’t know about their less than superior knowledge until I was much older. So I continued my delusion for a long time.

Nevertheless, no animal runs, gallops, or jumps more beautifully than a horse. Just watching one walk or run or…

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